HSRW Astronomy Club

Did you ever catch yourself staring into the stars and wondering what you can see out there? What wonders the infinite depth of space might hold? This is what the HSRW Astronomy Club deals with regularly. Students from all faculties can work together with existing members, including Professor Struck, to discover some of the mysteries in the skies.
The club engages in a wide variety of activities covering diverse interests in the field of astronomy. Most prominent are the frequent star walks to observe celestial objects using high-quality telescopes. One of which is the Dobson, a deep space “light bucket”. The astrophotographers of the club are sharing knowledge on processing night sky images. Project groups are working together to build a radio telescope or a cardboard planetarium for the university’s Open Day. During meetings discussions about the newest astronomical discoveries and developments can get passionate. Occasionally, the club organizes a movie night or an excursion to the nearest planetarium.
The HSRW Astronomy Club provides room for student-driven, pressure-free learning and encourages unique ideas for further projects. While focusing on the beauty and depth of space, interdisciplinary scientific discourse is a main objective. Nevertheless, it is also about having fun, making friends and join for a cup of tea, cookies or a Sunday brunch

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