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What do we do?

The AStA Board consists of four members: the chairperson, the finance referee, and the two campus representatives. All members of the AStA Board are elected by the Student Parliament for a term of one year and together they coordinate the AStA affairs, help manage the projects carried out and support and supervise the AStA departments.

The Chairperson of AStA is the head of the executive of the student body, representing all students internally and externally.

In AStA, the chairperson is part of the board, which she/he supervises and coordinates. Because she/he is legally liable for decisions taken, the chairperson needs to be informed about German laws, university regulations and how they influence the activities of AStA.

Duties and tasks of the chairperson include representing AStA and the students in front of the university and its presidency, at the meetings of the university senate, towards the cities of Kleve, Kamp-Lintfort and its citizens, and other external actors like the Fördervereine (support associations) and the media.

Internally, the chairperson is present in meetings of the Student Parliament, regular AStA meetings and the conference of all FSRs and AStA.

The Campus Representatives of Kamp-Lintfort and Kleve are both a member of the AStA Board and are the direct representative of their campus and the respective AStA departments. By supervising, supporting and communicating between the departments, the Campus Representative strengthens the teamwork and facilitates internal cohesion. 

The Campus Representatives work closely with the university administration to provide rooms to FSRs and university groups for their events and activities. They attend the external and internal meetings of the AStA such as the Student Parliament, the university senate, and the conference of all FSRs and AStA.

Furthermore, in their function as Vice-Chairs, they support the Chairperson and serve as a substitute for her/him.

The Finance Referee is entrusted with the management of the Student’s Body Finances. As such, she or he designs and oversees the budget of the Student Body. The Finance Referee is also tasked with the review, approval, and control of the finance requests of all the AStA departments. Furthermore, she or he also manages the faculties’ spending, so long as they do not establish a system, in accordance with the HVWO, that allows them to be financially independent. As a member of the board, the Finance Referee is expected to attend and contribute to matters concerning the AStA Board.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • The drafting and designing of the Students Budget
  • Overviewing the compliance with the finance regulations
  • Working in tandem with the AStA Treasurer
  • Attending StuPa meetings
  • Working closely and cooperating with Budget Committee
  • Sitting in and working closely with Social Committee 
  • Controlling spending and adherence to the budget (veto right) 
  • Working closely with the FSRs
  • Informing and training AStA heads and FSR members in the procedural matters regarding finances
  • Holding AStA heads and FSR members accountable for their spendings
  • Attending Board Meetings


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Joshua Lehmann

My name is Joshua Lehmann, I’m 24 years old and was born in Hannover, Germany. I study International Relations in my 3rd semester and in December 2019, I was elected chairman of our AStA.

I enjoy being a part of AStA, because the efforts we do prove to really influence and ameliorate students’ lives in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort. I can only encourage everyone to do the same and engage in AStA, StuPa, FSR, university groups or committees of the university to help strengthen our student community!

Kamp-Lintfort Campus Representative

Josepha Kuhl

I am Josepha, 21 years old and originally from Berlin. I study Organizational Psychology at our Campus in Kamp-Lintfort. I joined the AStA in my first semester, at the beginning as a volunteer, afterwards I worked as the Head of the Social Department until I decided to apply for the position as Campus Representative for Kamp-Lintfort. In this position I aim to represent my fellow students and their interests. Always feel free to contact me!

Kleve Campus Representative


Basil Hammoudeh

My name is Basil Hammoudeh. I am currently studying Bioengineering in my 4th semester and I am the Campus Representative for campus Kleve. The struggles of the international student are an ever-going issue and being tasked with addressing such concerns and issues that may arise is a huge honor and something I highly value.

As your AStA, we hope to give our students the feeling of always being able to reach us and come to us to represent you regarding all issues faced and prove that you are never alone with any problem. 

I am happy to be representing this university as well as our student body and am proud to be a part of the constant moving train that is the internationalization of our university, and am looking forward to any feedback and ideas you all may have!

Finance Referee

Laura Arribas Martínez

Hello everyone, my name is Laura and I am an International Relations student from Barcelona, Spain.

I became the Finance Referee in May 2019. This is technically my second term on the job. As the Finance Referee of Asta, I always strive for economic efficiency and transparency, and to safeguard the regulations constraining our economic behavior. As a board member, I try my best to represent the interests of our very diverse campuses.

When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy spending my free time learning languages, drinking coffee, and reading.

For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me.


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