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What do we do?

The AStA Board consists of four members: the chairperson, the finance referee, and the two campus representatives. All members of the AStA Board are elected by the Student Parliament for a term of one year and together they coordinate the AStA affairs, help manage the projects carried out and support and supervise the AStA departments.

The Chairperson of AStA is the head of the executive of the student body, representing all students internally and externally.

In AStA, the chairperson is part of the board, which she/he supervises and coordinates. Because she/he is legally liable for decisions taken, the chairperson needs to be informed about German laws, university regulations and how they influence the activities of AStA.

Duties and tasks of the chairperson include representing AStA and the students in front of the university and its presidency, at the meetings of the university senate, towards the cities of Kleve, Kamp-Lintfort and its citizens, and other external actors like the Fördervereine (support associations) and the media.

Internally, the chairperson is present in meetings of the Student Parliament, regular AStA meetings and the conference of all FSRs and AStA.

The Campus Representatives of Kamp-Lintfort and Kleve are both a member of the AStA Board and are the direct representative of their campus and the respective AStA departments. By supervising, supporting and communicating between the departments, the Campus Representative strengthens the teamwork and facilitates internal cohesion. 

The Campus Representatives work closely with the university administration to provide rooms to FSRs and university groups for their events and activities. They attend the external and internal meetings of the AStA such as the Student Parliament, the university senate, and the conference of all FSRs and AStA.

Furthermore, in their function as Vice-Chairs, they support the Chairperson and serve as a substitute for her/him.

The Finance Referee is entrusted with the management of the Student’s Body Finances. As such, she or he designs and oversees the budget of the Student Body. The Finance Referee is also tasked with the review, approval, and control of the finance requests of all the AStA departments. Furthermore, she or he also manages the faculties’ spending, so long as they do not establish a system, in accordance with the HVWO, that allows them to be financially independent. As a member of the board, the Finance Referee is expected to attend and contribute to matters concerning the AStA Board.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • The drafting and designing of the Students Budget
  • Overviewing the compliance with the finance regulations
  • Working in tandem with the AStA Treasurer
  • Attending StuPa meetings
  • Working closely and cooperating with Budget Committee
  • Sitting in and working closely with Social Committee 
  • Controlling spending and adherence to the budget (veto right) 
  • Working closely with the FSRs
  • Informing and training AStA heads and FSR members in the procedural matters regarding finances
  • Holding AStA heads and FSR members accountable for their spendings
  • Attending Board Meetings


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Joshua Lehmann

My name is Joshua Lehmann, I’m 24 years old and was born in Hannover, Germany. I study International Relations in my 3rd semester and in December 2019, I was elected chairman of our AStA.

I enjoy being a part of AStA, because the efforts we do prove to really influence and ameliorate students’ lives in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort. I can only encourage everyone to do the same and engage in AStA, StuPa, FSR, university groups or committees of the university to help strengthen our student community!

Kamp-Lintfort Campus Representative

Sarah Krom

My name is Sarah, I am 21 years old and I study International Business Administration in my 5th semester in KaLi. I was born in Willich but now live in Duisburg, right between the Rhein and the Uettelsheimer Sea.

I started working for AStA in the University Policy Department and now I am the AStA Campus Representative for KaLi. As your Campus Representative I want to establish an environment in which every student feels understood, valued and represented. Currently, one of our main focusses is bringing back the social life and connecting students during the first hybrid semester and I am very  happy I get to be in this position so I can be a part of making studies at the HSRW a wonderful experience for you.

If you have any wishes, concerns, feedback or ideas, please know that you can always contact me!

Kleve Campus Representative

Katja Matussek

Hi everyone,

I‘m Katja Matussek, but I usually go by my nickname Tia. I’m am originally from Mannheim and currently studying International Relations in my third semester. I joined AStA in my first semester as a volunteer and was elected as the Campus Representative Kleve in July 2021.

As your Campus Representative Kleve, I will do my best to ensure the students’ voices are heard and represent your interests towards actors within the university and externally.

If you have any problems, you can always reach out to me or my fellow AStA members!


Finance Referee

Ahmad Kamal

How to ensure that the semester fee contribution is used responsibly?
How should we use our limited financial resources as the student body?
Where should we set our priorities?These are some of the questions that the Finance Referee of the AStA of our university is concerned with.
My name is Ahmad and as Finance Referee it is my core interest to represent the students’ interests from the financial point of view.
  • If you are interested in how the student body can support you with your ideas for projects and student clubs…
  • If you find yourself in a financial hardship and you don’t know what to do…
  • If you just want to find out more about what happens with the semester fee that you pay….
Feel free to contact me via 
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