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The goal of the student representatives is to support the students and help them in all kind of faculty related issues. Especially during times of the digital semester you shouldn´t feel alone and know that they are there to support you.
These issues could for example be…
     … having a problem with a professor or student life in Kamp-Lintfort
     … feeling overwhelmed by organizing your studies
     … being confused about the many changes caused by Corona and need advice
     … having the feeling that you are not graded correctly and do not know who to
         turn to

Despite finding solutions for those problems, they organize events (which are different in times of corona). In the past, events by the Student Representatives were the Freshers Trip to the Netherlands, Beer Pong Tournaments and a Poetry Slam for example. On the Social Media channels, they regularly post the most important information for you – from reminders to pay the semester fee to the date of the next party. 

On the cassion of the pandemic they donated a total of 16.000 as support for students in need together with the student councils of the other faculties.

You want to get active yourself and become part of the student Representatives? Don’t hesitate and reach out to them.

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