Events & Interviews


Meet the members of StuPa

Digital exchange event to get to know the StuPa and its current Members. Ask your questions to the members of the different committees of StuPa and let them tell you about their experiences. You will also learn how to form a party, how to candidate and find out more useful information about the Student Body Elections 2021.

When? March 9, 2021. 17:00

Where? Online at:

Meet the members of FSR

Dear fellow students, Student Body Elections 2021 are coming up and all students can decide on the future of student life at HSRW! 

On Wednesday, March 24, at 17:00 the event “Get to know your FSR” will take place. The members of the current FSRs will show you what the FSR is all about and how you can become part of it. 
Join us on Webex, at  

StuPa Candidate Debate night

Get to know the StuPa candidates for the Student Body Elections 2021 in this digital debate.

When? To be announced

Where? To be announced


Presidency: Sebastian Ege

Coming soon!

For questions to Sebastian Ege you can contact him at:

Chair of the Budget Committee: Maximilian Czaja

For questions to Maximilian you can contact him at:

Chair of the Bylaw Committee: Philipp Gröll


For questions to Philipp you can contact him at:

Chair of the Social Committee: Md Rafiuzzaman

Coming soon!

For questions to Rafi you can contact him at: