The four Faculties of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences are committed to methodological, application-oriented and interdisciplinary research and teaching methods, which produce highly-qualified graduates in the fields of engineering, technology and the natural sciences. 

Each Faculty has their respective FSRs (Faculty Student Representatives)


Communication & Environment

What's our goal?

The goal of the student representatives is to support the students and help them in all kind of faculty related issues. Especially during times of the digital semester you shouldn’t feel alone and know that they are there to support you.

Life Sciences

We can help with...

– Help with communication to professors

– Help you find the right contact person for your problems 

– Organize fun events 

– Provide Study rooms 

– Apply for Tutorials

– And more!

Society & Economics

Who are we?

The Faculty Student Representatives  (FSR, German: Fachschaftsrat) consists of a group of elected members who represent the student body 

Technology & Bionics

Who selected us?

You elected us! The members of the FSR are elected annually. Elections are usually held in December. You did not know about this? That’s okay, we understand that there are many elections going on so you might have missed ours. But now you know! You will find information on the candidates prior to elections, so check them out and choose who you think can represent you best!