Would you like to know about our Finance Department?

What do we do?

The Finance department consists of the Finance Referee and the AStA Treasurer. Among their main tasks are double-checking of the mathematical and overall correctness of all applications, adequate bookkeeping, and to establish the financial yearly result and balance sheet.

The AStA Treasurer works together with the Finance Referee. The Treasurer is proposed by the AStA Board and appointed by the Student Parliament, and is directly accountable to the Finance Referee.

Among the main tasks of the AStA Treasurer are:

  • Double-checking of the mathematical and overall correctness of all applications
  • Confirming transactions initiated by the Finance Referee
  • Adequate bookkeeping
  • Aiding the auditors with relevant all information for the yearly Audit
  • Establishing the financial yearly result
  • Establishing the yearly balance of sheet

Tim Dollnik

My name is Tim Dollnik, I am from the lake of Constance in the beautiful south of Germany and studying International Relations in the fifth semester.

As my job as treasurer of the AStA, it is my task to transfer the money requested to the students, keeping an eye on the budget as well as managing and updating the books. Additionally, I am working closely together with the Finance Referee in drafting the budget and keeping the financial correspondence to the university, the bank and other institutions.

Ahmad Kamal

How to ensure that the semester fee contribution is used responsibly?
How should we use our limited financial resources as the student body?
Where should we set our priorities?These are some of the questions that the Finance Referee of the AStA of our university is concerned with.
My name is Ahmad and as Finance Referee it is my core interest to represent the students’ interests from the financial point of view.
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