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Are you wondering how to book a room? how to do events? Well, you came to the right place. On the following attachments, you will see different guides! Good luck and tell us what else could we help with!  *Content Updated Regularly*


General Questions

The univesity IT department, you can find all the relevant information here.

IT Services can provide you with new password for HIS, Moodle and University email account. (

Timetables are published in Moodle in your faculty’s area. You can also find timetables on your faculty’s pin board.

You can change your address yourself in the HIS portal. Just login with your account and go to general administration -> contact information -> semester address and fill in your current address.

After changing the semester address go to “correspondence address” and select “Semesteranschrift”.

No, you must have completed your 8-week internship requirement to register for your fourth semester of study. The deadline for completion can be found in the examination regulations of your degree programme.

In other words, if you do not complete this requirement, you cannot receive your student ID or register for exams. If you are are currently doing your internship and need an extension, please speak with your faculty representatives.

Yes, it’s possible to change degree programmes at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. If you are a first-semester student who originally decided on one degree programme, but would now like to enrol in a different one, then you must have a letter of admission for the new degree programme. In other words, you have to apply online for the new degree programme as well.

If you’re in your second semester of study or later, and you’ve already completed courses or exams in the degree programme you wish to change to, then you can apply for admission to that programme as an advanced student. You can find the form (“Application for change of study programme”) at Forms and Deadlines. Please submit the completed and signed form to the Student Advisory Center.

The International Office offers consultation hours especially for students planning a study abroad semester. You can also find a list of our partner universities with whom we have exchange agreements.

All students who meet the requirements in Section 5 of the Beitragsordnung der Studierendenschaft der Hochschule Rhein-Waal (Semester Fee Regulations of the Student Body of HSRW/available only in German) can apply for an exemption from the bi-annual Semester Ticket. Applications for exemptions (see Forms and Deadlines) must be submitted before the semester registration deadline.

Academic leaves of absence are only granted for specific, important reasons, which are outlined in Section 9 of the Einschreibungsordnung (HSRW Enrolment Regulations/available only in German).

All requests for academic leaves of absence must be submitted in writing. You can find the form in the Student Advisory Service or under Forms and Deadlines.

If you’ll be studying abroad or doing an internship for your degree programme in the next semester, you must register again as a student at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences for this semester as well!

If you will not be on campus for the semester due to studying abroad or an internship, you can apply for a temporary exemption from the Semester Ticket. To do so, please submit the proper form before the semester registration deadline.

Please note that your application can only be approved once your study abroad semester or your practical semester has been approved by your faculty’s Examination Board.

Please see the recommended study plan in the annex of the examination regulations for your degree programme. Examination regulations are available online.

You must submit a refund application before the official deadline set by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (refer to the dates on this page). You must also return your student ID and proof of enrolment if they were issued to you.

Please send your refund application to the Student Advisory Center. Please mark the option “Deregistration/withdrawal from course of study”.

Yes, but only for as long as you are officially a student. If you submit an application for withdrawal/deregistration with delayed effect, then you must return your student ID and your semester ticket by the date indicated. If you deregister with immediate effect, you must hand in your student ID and semester ticket immediately.

You can request an application for credit transfer from the Dean’s Office of your faculty. This form, along with all supporting documents, must then be submitted to the Dean’s Office for final consideration.

Generally, a transfer request must be submitted during your first two semesters. Please refer Section 9 of the General Examination Regulations for Bachelor’s Programmes for more information.

International Department

Registering your address is done in the City Hall and is an important step before being able to apply for the initial visa extension. These days an appointment has to be made through an online portal, a link of which can be found in our link section.

You will need a form of identification, usually a passport, along with the rental contract and a “Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung” which is a document your landlord is obligated to provide you.

You can do so using the Visa Day service that is courtesy of the Welcome Center (link can be found under international department page), or you can send an email to requesting one.

More information on the Visa Day and the welcome center tutors, as well as a tutorial for how to create the appointment and the necessary documents required can be found on our international department page under important links section.

Of course, we will try to. Please send an email to with your appointment details, and we will try our best to be available to you at that time.

  • Bürgerbüro der Stadt Kleve:  Minoritenplatz 1 47533 Kleve
  • Ausländerbehörde Kreis Kleve: Nassauerallee 18, 47533 Kleve 

Opening Hours can be found online

No, this semester enrollment can be done fully online! Please refer to your admission letter for more information on where the documents need to be sent and by when.

If you are from an EU member state you only have to present your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to one of the local insurance companies in Germany, and after taking basic information from you, they will supply you with an exemption letter which you can use when you enroll. You are then automatically insured, and no further action is required. If you are a 3rd country national, you will have to take out a German health insurance policy. There are many different health insurance companies which can be found on the internet.

If you have moved into a new residence, and one of your roommates, or your landlord has already registered it, then there is some information such as a contribution number that you can acquire from them in order to register yourself under it as well.

 If you receive BAföG and do not live with your parents, you can apply for an exemption from the fee. The exemption also applies to spouses or registered partners, but not to other tenants.

Yes! There are resources available to report discrimination, both from the university and otherwise. Our university has its very own Equal Opportunities Department where it is possible to do so. An organization known as the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency is also a great means for seeking counseling. More information on that organization can be found in our guide section.

If the change in course would occur before the 3rd semester, it should be possible without question. After that, it becomes a case-to-case basis to be discussed with the foreign office. The important thing to know is that the foreign office will have to be informed immediately by you about this change, and not at the next renewal meeting.

Please contact Student Services with ample time before your appointment!

Please contact Student Services with ample time before your appointment!

You can download that from the HISOne portal, under the tab “administration of exams”

Yes! The student visa allows us students to work 120 full days or 240 half days a year.

Yes! The foreign office would also accept a job contract. For more information on the acceptance criteria for the various ways to prove finances, we can only recommend contacting your foreign office directly about your case.

Unfortunately, not, but we would recommend you to join our Facebook group “Student Life at Hochschule Rhein – Waal powered by AStA” where there are constant updates on upcoming available accommodations!

Absolutely, if the specific one you are looking for exists in the area, we will try our best to locate it and let you know how to get there!

Yes! All international students must start their application process via Uni-Assist. For more information on application and enrollment please contact Student Services. You can also find information here.

KLEvent Department

Please follow this Guide (suspended during COVID-19)

Political Education Department

Public Relations Department

Please send us an email to

Please contact us via email or via social media

Social Department

You can contact


The deposit can be kept for up to 6 months if it isn’t stated otherwise in the rental contract.

We try to help you individually as best as we can using our experience and if there is something that needs more legal expertise you can get a voucher for a free consultation with the Mietverein (renters association). Get in contact with the Social head of your respective campus for that.


  • There are several scholarships you can apply to that don’t all require excellent grades. Find an overview of scholarships on the university website:
  • You can also take a loan from a bank which you will need to pay back later. The KfW Studienkredit, for example, has specific offers for students.
  • You can apply for a AStA loan which you will also need to pay back but is interest-free and that can cover semester fee, health insurance or rent or a combination of those. For information about the procedure and application, check out the document “How to apply for financial support”, which you can find on the Social department page.
  • Due to the help of the Förderverein you can apply to get a grant of 250€ once that does not need to be paid back and that is supposed to help students facing financial hardships. For information on how to apply get in touch with the Social department.


The contribution serves to finance public broadcasting service. The current fee for private households is 17.50 euros per month.

It works as follows: One flat = one contribution/fee.

Normally, you should get registered automatically once you move into your new place, but you can also do so yourself online:

If you live together with other people in one flat, only one person pays the fee, regardless of how many persons live in it or how many devices you use. With the contribution number of the person who pays it you can register yourself under that number as well (e.g. on their website) to avoid multiple people paying the contribution when living in one flat. You can then decide between each other to share the costs. In some cases the landlord already pays it.


Find more information in English here:

We are not able to give you legal advice. However, if you need to get legal assistance or legal advice you can go to the Amtsgericht in your city/district and apply for “Beratungshilfe”. 

Find more information and the procedure in the document “Legal advice procedure” on the Social department page.

If you think you cannot pay your next rent, please get in contact with your landlord. Talk about the current situation and try to agree on/ find individual agreements which could be: paying later, paying in instalments, or even not having to pay the rent for this month. All this can be agreed on voluntarily from the landlords side. Whatever the landlord agrees to with you, get in written form for evidence.

Find useful information for renters on: (German website). It also updates you regularly on any new updates/laws during Corona.

If you have financial troubles look into the possibilities of financial support.

If you struggle to afford your weekly groceries you can visit your local “Tafel” where you can get food, including fresh fruit and vegetables, for free (in KaLi 2€ per bag).


Briener Straße 6b (at the XOX building)

47533 Kleve

Tuesdays and Thursday: 11:30 – 13:00

If you go there for the first time, you need to fill out a form first and then you get a card which you need to show each time you go to collect food. You can do this every Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00 and 12:00.


Friedrich-Heinrich-Allee 14

47475 Kamp-Lintfort

Tuesdays and Fridays 13:00 – 15:00

Sports Department

Hochschulsport offers regular courses in generalised sports whereas AStA Sports is for one-off sports events that are as per the interests and requests of the students. In addition, Hochschulsport is organized on the university level, as for the AStA Sports department, it is a part of the student body.

You can check facebook and instagram for all the updates regarding the sports events that are being organised. Also, you can directly contact us via email (

University Policy Department

AStA University Policy (

FOR MORE INFORMATION:…/coronavirus-aktuelle…

If you have any questions about the regulations, don’t hesitate to contact us at and if you have any questions regarding visa, you can contact us at

All the information provided is put together to our best knowledge, taken from official German government agencies, but we do not guarantee or disclaim any warranties about the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of the information.