Become a Candidate!

How to run for the StuPa and your FSR

All full-time students can candidate for the Student Parliament (StuPa) or their respective Faculty Student Representatives (FSR). To run for the StuPa or the FSR you have to be nominated. To get nominated for the StuPa or the FSR your candidacy requires 15 support signatures.

You want to become a candidate for StuPa or your FSR? Follow this guide for a successful nomination!

Your Candidacy

This document serves as the official declaration of your candidacy. It includes the name of the list and the following details of every single candidate running under this particular list: name, address, university mail address, faculty and signature

The order of candidates is important, as the seats your list wins in the elections, will be distributed starting from the top of the list.

You can download the respective document here on this website. Pay attention to choose the correct document, depending on whether you want to run for the StuPa or one of the four different FSRs.

Support Signatures or Support List

The second document must include 15 signatures of students that support your list. These students must not be candidates of the list they support. 15 support signatures are required for every list, independent of the number of candidates running under this list.

This document must include the names, faculties and signatures of every single supporter. Furthermore, the document must entail the name of the supported list as well as the names of every candidates running under this list.

It is only possible to support one list per ballot. As the elections for the StuPa and the FSR are considered different ballots, it is however possible to support one list running for the StuPa and one list running for the FSR. In order to support a FSR list, the supporter must be an eligible voter of this faculty. As all other eligible voters, candidates also have the right to support lists.

The document for support signatures is the same for StuPa and FSR nominations and can be downloaded here as well.

Tip: You don’t necessarily have to collect the support signatures yourself, contact your current FSR, they can help you!

Important remark!

It is possible to sign the documents with a digital pdf signature!

Together, both documents must be sent to the election committee of the Student Parliament before the 30th of May:

(The candidate listed first in the nomination should also be the person sending the documents. This person will be regarded contact person by the election committee if further communication is required.)

Find all important information around the nominations also in this short tutorial:

Short tutorial

Any questions regarding the nomination procedure or elections in general?

Call the “election hotline”/Join our room on Webex:

Available from 18th of May until 27th of May, always on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm until 8pm.

For any questions don’t hesitate to also contact us via mail, we are happy to help you: