IMarEST, founded in 1889, is the first Institute to bring together marine engineers, scientists and technologists into one international multi-disciplinary professional body. The three top goals of the institute are to promote professionalism and technical leadership, to support the development and sustainability of the marine sector and to be a high-performing organisation delivering strong value and excellence.

Our student section works to achieve the following:

  • to promote the mission and vision of the IMarEST
  • to offer peer support in study, learning, and professionalism
  • to provide networking opportunities within the IMarEST and the profession, and
  • to make connections with potential employers

Some activities of our Student Section will be:

  • Discussing topics which are not covered on your curriculum
  • Joint events with other relevant professional societies
  • Talks from Alumni and industry professionals on opportunities available after graduation
  • Presentations on new engineering, science and technology developments
  • Watch screenings of lectures on IMarEST TV

Benefits as a member

As a member of our Student Section you will get access to a variety of resources and support to help you prepare for your career. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a member:

  • Digital subscription to The Marine Professional magazine – A monthly membership magazine, covering hot topics, industry trends and interviews across the marine sector.
  • Access to the Virtual Library – Consisting of a searchable Digital Archive of IMarEST published material from the past 120 years, downloadable eBooks and access to thousands of academic journals, news articles, trade magazines and market reports via the Discovery Service.
  • Access to IMarEST TV – View talks on cutting edge technology and research through live-streams and full recordings (via the web and offline via the app) of IMarEST technical lectures, conferences and other events from across the globe. They also contribute to your initial and continuing professional development (ICP/PD).
  • Access to IMarEST Nexus – Nexus is our members-only professional network, integrated into the IMarEST website. Featuring a jobs board and member directory, Nexus allows you to connect, network and collaborate with others. You can create and join working groups, post events, exchange files, photos and media and just generally keep in touch with IMarEST members located across the globe.
  • Join a technical Special Interest Group – Learn more about current industry developments in a variety of specialist areas relating to marine engineering, science and technology by participating in our Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
  • Enjoy member discounts on IMarEST journals, events, books & MLA College distance-learning programmes – You can get discounted subscriptions to the Journal of Operational Oceanography and Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology, and member discounts for various events, books and MLA College distance-learning programmes.
  • Apply for free student places at IMarEST events – Some IMarEST events will offer free places for undergraduates, postgraduates, cadets, apprentices and trainees.
  • Access local branch activities – Your local branch is a great way to establish and grow your network in the marine industries. You can develop links with other organisations and share your own knowledge, as well as learn from others.
  • Publishing opportunities in journals and on the IMarEST website – You can submit your research for peer-review and publication, either as short technical articles for the website, or as full submissions to our technical journals.
  • IMarEST accreditation shows that your programmes meet internationally recognised academic standards. It enhances your reputation as a high-quality education provider that is also industrially relevant.
  • Become part of the Student Section Committee and gain experience of committee membership and roles – something great to put on a CV/Resume.

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