Kleve remembers the 9.11.1938

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Dear students of HSRW, we would like to bring your attention to a commemoration that happened in Kleve on November 9, 2020.

Citizens of Kleve, activists, students of HSRW university groups, the mayor, and also your AStA commemorated the victims of the pogrom night of November 9, 1938. That night all over Germany coordinated acts of violence by the Nazis against Jewish people and Jewish property took place.

This horror also happened in Kleve.

”It is a special concern of mine to remember the suffering and injustice that was done to the Jewish people here in Kleve 82 years ago. It was a night of never-ending terror.”

– Wolfgang Gebing, mayor of Kleve.

”Forgetting important events is one of the biggest mistakes we can make as a society. If we don’t constantly remind our children of past mistakes and teach them how and why they happened, they will not know their impact and the deep pain they brought with them, which will eventually lead to the same or similar mistakes reappearing in our world. Right now, the emotion about the Corona Pandemic is overshadowing the voices of the culture of remembrance. Therefore, we remember and commemorate, not only to honor the victims but to strengthen our community’s knowledge of past mistakes so that we can never repeat them again and move forward as a community.”

– Basil and Tim from the AStA of HSRW

You can see the entire video at: https://mifgash.de