Knight Of the Swans Scavenger Hunt


Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! 

The game’s goal is to know more about the story of Kleve while walking around or during your casual morning run!

There are different QR-codes around Kleve, you will have some riddles or clues around, pay attention now, because this could determine if you win or not.



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The HSRW has been trying to make more extracurricular activities for students, such as clubs. One of this clubs made an atomic particular accelerator.

One cold night the group members were drinking a lot of Glühwein, got drunk and spilled some around the controllers. Because of this, there was a short circuit, making the panel go crazy… that night there was a big explosion sending you to the past… In order to go back to the present you have to find all the relics around in Kleve, lucky for you, you have a futuristic device that can help you.

Use this device to scan the clues around Kleve. 

Good luck traveller! 

Choose your difficulty level..... Choose wisely

Beginner: 3 locations 

Medium: 5 locations 

Advance: 10 locations