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What do we do?

The AStA Sports Department has the task to facilitate a healthy and active life for students by organizing sporting events, educating about health and bringing people together.

The Sports Department provides sports equipment to students, which you can borrow for free. Our equipment includes but is not limited to: 

  • Badminton rackets and shuttlecock

  • Volleyball balls and its equipment

  • Football and ping pong balls

  • Frisbee
  • And many other sports utensils!


Do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding sports, activities, and a healthy lifestyle!


Imed-eddine Rouaiguia

My name is Imed-eddine Rouaiguia, I am 20 years old, currently studying Environment and Energy, B.Sc in Kamp-Lintfort (2nd semester). I have been working as AStA Head of the Sports department in Kamp-Lintfort since August 2021.

My interest in sport has been a major part of my life, I believe Sport is respect, self-discipline, ethics and teamwork, I was able to try different sports in my past (soccer, swimming, cycling, basketball, horse riding and more). 

 As a Sports Department Head, my goal is to increase awareness about sports and physical activities among students, build communication and social life in university, organize sports events and educate more about health and wellness.



Shaikh Ahmed

My name is Shaikh Ahmed, I am currently in my third semester studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I have been selected as the new AStA sports head in August 2021. I am also a part of the FSR Technology and bionics.

Sports have always been a key aspect of my life. It may have started off as fun but as I grew up, it turned into a safe place for me to feel the closest to myself. As I see it, sports teaches us crucial things like discipline, dedication and teamwork. While I play many sports, my focus is mainly on Football and I have represented my school and other clubs in my home country at national level tournaments. Other than football, I love reading, dancing and more recently have started skating!

Sports has its obvious physical benefits but many people who have never tried it, don’t realize its close connection to mental health. My aim as the new AStA sports department head is to plan events that would entice all, sporty and non-sporty people, to join while also focusing on physical and mental wellbeing.


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