UN Women DE Team Kleve

The UN Women Germany Team Kleve students’ group consists of a committed core team and a dynamic volunteer group actively engaging in gender equality and women’s rights topics. They are in close correspondence with the UN Women Germany headquarters in Bonn, however the team is represented by students from diverse countries and continents and they are concerned with gender equality problems occurring all over the world. In order to make their fellow students and the public of Kleve more aware of gender equality topics, the status of women and the unequal opportunities of all genders and people of all sexual orientations, the team hosts open events, actively creates content on social media platforms and cooperates with like-minded organizations and personalities in Kleve and its surroundings.

In the past semesters, amongst other events, the team has been the host of the first UN Women Youth Conference with UN Women Germany vice-chairman Dr. Ursula Sautter among the panelists. During an international lunch the team offered different dishes from all over the world to the people of Kleve in order to encourage them to engage and support their concerns and activities and create an exchange of opinions and experiences among different generations and diverse nationalities. The team is very content to have hosted an insightful Open Mic night where our core team discussed some pressing issues of our generation regarding restricted rights and freedom of decision-making many women all over the world have to endure. At all the events, the contributions of guests (students and anyone interested) who can share their opinions and experiences are valued.

The core team is made up of seven motivated students, each of us fulfilling a specific management function in the team. The volunteer team is very flexible, you can join in and help out at events or come up with new ideas and inspirations by choosing the extent and scope you want to support the group yourself.

For both, core and volunteer teams, we are looking for like-minded passionate students who want to become a part of our group and help to create awareness and counteract unequal and intolerable social conditions all over the world.

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