Who gets elected?


The Student Parliament is the highest legislative organ of the student body. StuPa sets the administrative and financial framework of the student body. Therefore, it decides on regulations that define how the student body shall perform its tasks, adopts the annual budget, and monitors its distribution.

Members of the StuPa are students of HSRW, who are officially elected in the annual Student Body Elections by all students. The StuPa also elects the Chair of the General Student Committee (AStA), the Campus Representative (KaLi and Kleve) and the Head of Finance. While the AStA focuses on the ongoing administration of the student body and is the face of the student government outside of the university. The StuPa is responsible for making university-wide decisions that regulate the tasks of the student body institutions”.

The Student Parliament is represented by its Presidency, which coordinates and organizes the work of StuPa.

StuPa continuously maintains several permanent committees: 

  • Election committee
  • Budget committee
  • Bylaw committee 
  • Social committee

Additionally, StuPa may maintain non-permanent committees such as the Public Relations Working Group.

During the lecture period, the StuPa holds monthly meetings that are open to all students. Information about date and place of the meetings as well as the important decisions taken at the meetings, are published on Stupa’s social media platforms. A detailed overview of the meeting agendas, statutes, bylaws, and regulations are available to all students in the Moodle-Course of the StuPa.

Faculty Students Representative's

The student body consists of different faculty student groups. Students enrolled in a faculty are therefore part of their faculty’s student group. The Faculty Student Representatives (FSR) represent the students of the respective faculty and safeguard their special interests.

Members of the FSR the faculty student group and are officially elected in the annual Student Body Elections by the members of their faculty student groups. The FSR is responsible for all kinds of affairs of the students enrolled in the faculty. It is thereby the interface between the students and the faculty, including the deanship, professors and administrative staff.

The FSRs at our university are: 

    • FSR Technology and Bionics,
    • FSR Life Sciences,
    • FSR Society and Economics,
    • FSR Communication and Environment.



Important Links

For more information of the respective FSR’s:


AStA is the executive organ of the student body. It consists of the Board and the Departments for each campus. The Board is elected annually by the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the Departments are appointed by the Board.

AStAs tasks are to implement the resolutions of the StuPa and to take care of the ongoing administration of the student body. AStA also carries out the financial planning and draws up the budget in cooperation with the Budget Committee. Furthermore, AStA represents the student body towards the University, to external parties, and promotes cooperation with other student bodies at home and abroad. The AStA has the duty to provide information to the